2017/2018 programme

September 9th
     Resurgam -Bronte quilt recreated – a 200 year old quilt
          by Sarah Williamson
October 14th
     Coral Anniversary – 35 Memories from our members
November 14th
     With Just a Needle and Thread
          by Dr Susan Kay-Williams RSN
December 9th
     My F plan diet – Fabric, Fibres and Felt
          by Karen Lane
January 13th
     Needles – John James
          by Karen Parry
February 10th
     My Journey from A to Z
          by Anne Brooke
March 10th
     Queen of Fashion
          by Julia Soares McCormick
April 14th
     From Here to There and Back Again
         by Catherine Laws
May 12th
      Tarts Textile Travels
          by Lindsay Roberts
June 9th
     Inspired by colour
          by Greta Fitchett
July 14th
     Batik – tissue, bleach and ink – my inspiration
          by Jenny O’Leary
September 9th
     Stamford Bridge Tapestry Project
         by Heather Cawte
September 10th
    Liberated Quilting
          by Janet Bottomley
October 8th
      My Life in a Patchwork World
          by Lynne Edwards
November 12th
     Topsy Turvey Collection
          by Val Hughes
December 10th
     Stories from a Yorkshire Lass
          by Val Lawson
January 14th
     Experimental Textiles
           by Nikki Parmenter
February 11th
    Hats, Flowers, fascinators, as fascinating journey
          by Clair Muir
March 11th
    My passion for Organza, Lutrador and Flexible Plastic
     by Kathleen Laurel Sage
April 8th
     Between the Lines, an Exhibition
         by E.A.S.T  East Anglian Stitch Textiles
May 13th
     Kimono, Costume of Japan
          by Katie Chaplin (Japan Crafts)
June 10th
     Birds of a Feather
         by Gail Lawther
July 8th
     Sketching into Textiles
         by Rachael Howard
2015-2016 Programme
September 12th
     Enter the World of Jane Austen (Regency Costume Design)
          by Julia Soames
October 10th
     Contemporary Textiles in the Church
         by Polly Meynell
November 14th
     Inspiration from Africa (ideas for Creative people)
          by Mary Sleigh
December 12th
     Lateral Thinking and Creative Skilss (providing tactile resources for local children)
          by Lyn Lewis
January 9th
     Texture and Pattern (mixed media)
         by Sue Stone
February 13th
     Pretty Deadly (modern and artistic)
         by Michael Brennand Wood
March 12th
     Take Inspiration (a wide range of inspirational embroidery)
         by Nicola Hulme RSN   (this speaker will also be doing a workshop the following day)
April 9th
     Seeing the Forest in the Trees (working in series) Quilter
          by Helen Howes  (this speaker will also be doing a workshop the following day)
May 14th
     It’s Pants (Historical ramp through underwear)
          by Cherrilyn Tyler
June 11th
     Traditional Japanese Embroidery (History and techniques)
          by Jane Smith
July 9th (AGM)
     The Power of Purple
          by Ros Wilson

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Veronica Shipley
    Jan 09, 2016 @ 13:01:20

    Hello. Could you please tell me the start times and prices for a visitor for the saturday programme. Cannot find anything on the site. With thanks.


    • eyesembroidery
      Feb 07, 2016 @ 20:34:34

      I’m sorry our times are not on our website, I’ll get that update. We meet on the second Saturday of every month except August. The cost for a visitor is £2.50 and this includes refreshments.


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