February 10th New Speaker Vivienne Brown

“I am a textile artist stitching fabric, paper and fibres. I use a sewing machine to draw with and to manipulate the materials and often use the computer to digitize my drawings and print them on to fabric. As a botanical illustrator my drawings are accurate and detailed and this is reflected in my textile pieces

I love the many colours and textures of fabric. I manipulate these by machine stitching to achieve dimension and texture and use the sewing machine needle in a drawing process. The computer has also become increasingly important to me as a design tool and I am exploring digital imagery on fabrics often incorporating my own botanical drawings. Such drawings are required to be accurate and to scale and this precision is reflected in much of my textile work.

Underpinning the design process there is always reverence for the long history of the craft of needlework and acknowledgement of the traditional skills of the early workers, both men and women. Recent work has explored themes blending nostalgia for the past with an appreciation of a wider environmental change in our modern world.”

Flowery Treats and Floral tributes.

“A new talk. From the 16th century to the present day. I hope to show how different generations of embroiderers (including some famous names) recorded their love of flowers in stitch and fabric according to the fashion of the day.”

Derby and Joan Hall Cottingham       

 EYES members £1:50     Entry from 2:00 pm          

 Guests                 £2:50       Entry from 2:15pm.

Everyone welcome Tea and biscuits included.


Vivienne is a contributing artist at the Bankfield Museum Halifax  Exhibition Perspectives on Pattern. February 10th through to June 2nd.

She will be presenting Through my Sketchbooks on 17th March 1:30pm to 4:30pm.


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