Tuesday May 12thMembers Update

A message from our Chair and Vice Chair


We start by wishing you, your friends and family the very best from all EYES committee members. Please stay safe and strong during these unprecedented times.

It is now two months since our last meeting and workshop together in March. We hope you have been following the society news via our website. It is colourful, informative and updated regularily with your finished projects. Keep them coming please, we need your help. Photos and text to eyesembroidery@gmail.com

We confirmed on our website that we had:

  • cancelled our meetings up to and including July 2020 as it is very clear there is not going to be a magical day where life will instantly be ‘back to normal’.
  • postponed the July AGM. Roles held by committee members will remain until we can hold an AGM.
  • postponed our usual July/September enrolment. Current membership will be honoured and rolled over to January 2021 when we complete a review.

We will update you monthly. We hope like us you are happily whiling the hours away on both your unfinished and new projects plus charitable work. Sewing is very therapeutic and a great help

A note from Val:
Seven weeks ago I went to my sewing room to evaluate and plan what UFOs I could finish by sorting them into categories

  • 1) Yes, I love this, and I can’t wait to work on it again. I can definitely commit to finishing this in the next months.
  • 2) Not sure. I kind of like it, and I know someone who will love this finished project once it’s done (a gift to someone or a charity donation.)
  • 3) I’ll never finish this, but someone else might. Could be salvageable.
  • 4) I really don’t like this any more, or my work is not good quality. I must throw it away!

So my plans were made for lockdown! Projects are being finished, some are saved for our sales table and some have been thrown. I would never have had time to complete this task normally, it feels good. I found surplus material to use for NHS projects. I am sure you too have found many positives to share.

A note from Susan:
My in-house exercise: I realised I used my staircase on an average day 20 times, and this was increasing during lockdown. I measured my staircase and started recording my climbs taking Scafell Pike on as my challenge and then onwards to Mont Blanc and Everest. I am nearly at K1. If you too take on this challenge, take care, we don’t want injuries.

Take care, keep smiling

Members’ work 

Ruth Taylor

Above Ruth T has been trying her hand at free motion embroidery. A new skill learnt or an older skill practised all keep us busy and mentally alert.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Slide Show

Jacky has been dividing her time between gardening, drawing, painting and clay modelling.

The quilt is the beginnings of a hanging which eventually will have 52 squares each one representing a memorable event of that week. Jacky admits to ‘playing’ with the flowers between drawing and her clay Green Man.

Muriel stitching with EYES for over 30 years. Happy 98th Muriel.

Cross Stitch for Great Grandson completed by Muriel on her 98th birthday. 

Muriel 1

A message to EYES members from Margaret B living through lockdown in Norfolk.

Lockdown has been a surprise for me.  I have in my garden shed several sheep fleeces, all ready for spinning “when I get the time”.  Yes !  I thought.  What an opportunity !

But no.  At the beginning of lockdown I did weave a matching set of dishcloths (yes, really), but haven’t done any weaving since.  And not one bit of spinning, crochet or knitting.

So . . . what’s kept me busy/given me comfort ?  Hand-stitching !  Perhaps it’s the rhythm, perhaps it’s because there’s no “pattern”, but I’ve rediscovered the pleasure to be had from English paper-pieced patchwork and hand-quilting.

AND it will keep me warm on cold nights !

Keep safe everyone,

Maggie B.

Carol A has completed a quilt and carry bag

Quilt border and bag blocks are  cathedral windows. 

Carole A 1











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