Sunday June 7th Where are we now?

Check out Eyelets update on the EYELETS page. Information from our Chair and work completed during lockdown.

Sarah's Red Work

Hello to you all.

We cannot believe we are into June, and would have been welcoming Richard Box to our meeting. He is very good at sharing his embroidery skills and techniques so we do hope he can revisit some time.

We hope you are all well, staying safe and enjoyed the glorious weather, which we hope will return before too long.

We are still awaiting a government ruling on reopening halls, so can only remind you all our meetings are cancelled up to and including July.

We have heard so many different thoughts from members as lockdown continues with the first few forward steps. Some of you are excited at having family in your gardens, glad to be able to attend markets and a few more shops. Each village is very different. Others are anxious still, have lost some confidence, and are wary about going out to shops, meeting people and unable to see families living away. An important message from Mandy Shaw in redwork:

It is good for us to continue talking to each other, listening and understanding over the next weeks. We shouldn’t discount the feelings of others who think differently to ourselves, we will all get there, in our own ways, trusting our instincts. We may want to wait and see how these initial relaxed rules alter numbers, others will be happy to relax their lockdown. Understanding and kindness are what we can all offer.

Here is our news:
Our website is updated regularly and we set you a challenge. “We have now had twelve weeks to work on our projects. Please share them with us all.” There is a silver lining to lockdown, time to think, evaluate and complete projects such as the quilt that was sitting in my project box for nine years.
• National Sewing machine day is 13th June 2020. An article will be on the website and again any related articles would be welcomed by Annette. Email your photos, articles to:
Hull History Centre is asking people to contribute to an archive of  lockdown   (click link) .The history centre is looking for photos, leaflets etc which relate to the present circumstances as well as any diaries you may keep of what is happening, how you spend your time etc. They are asking you to hold onto any material you have and they will let everyone know when they are  ready to take the material in. It is intended to be a community archive covering the whole area, not just Hull so we hope you will join in. If you speak to people who do not have access to the internet please pass the message on.
Our local History Society is also interested in what Cottingham is like in the lockdown. Please save all your ideas and bring them when we meet again so we can submit one package for EYES.
A challenge from Val: Are you watching The Sewing Bee? I was especially taken by Recycling  Week. Patrick Grant amazed me in his introduction saying there were enough clothes on our planet for the next six generations! Here is my challenge, can you complete a project that recycles material, objects and share with us all. I think the Sewing Bee’s plastic bag challenge produced very creative garments, but not a material I will be using! (Photos to Val please).

Knit One Stitch One

We have had a message from Emma. She has had some serious thinking to do about how to bring Knit One Stitch One out of lockdown after 15 June. It is quite a minefield. Some people may think it is simple, just open again maintaining social distancing, but Emma has to consider all her customers and her own safety.

Things like squishing the wool and feeling the fabric seems like a thing of the past. Popping in to say Hi, and a chat as you pass will now be a thing of the past for a while, and using the shop is going to be nothing like we were pre March 23, which is very sad, but Emma really can’t work it any other way. Safety is paramount. This is a learning curve for all of us, and Emma hopes that these ‘rules’ are hopefully temporary and subject to change if we get new government guidelines. She has told us of a few changes she will be making:
“I will NOT be open 5 days a week to start with, there will be more details at a later.
• I will now have to close for a lunch period.
• I will have an ordering service, to delivery free within Cottingham (other places will incur a small charge).
• Pre order and collection at allotted time will also be put in place.
• I will hold an ‘appointment’ day, which is a half hour slot in the shop, and time for me to wipe down in between.
• The days I am open, it will be a one in one out policy, for social distancing and safety. There will be hand sanitizing stations around the shop, I will be asking customers to please use them. Please respect the social distancing rules. Feel free if you want to wear a mask, I will be wearing one as much as I can.
• I now have a mobile telephone number for the shop, for the pre orders or appointments. So you can contact me on 07565657759 via call, text or WhatsApp (within shop hours) Or on Facebook, Instagram, or email.”

Emma closed by thanking us for our continued support.

Keep sewing and creating! I hope in our July email we will be able to give you more information on our future meetings etc.
Our final thought is with Eve Leigh, one of our original members, as she celebrates her 100th birthday 14th June.

Take care, keep smiling.
Val and Susan

Sarah's Red Work

Redwork by Val W

Sue M

Sue bought a Gail Lawther book at the workshop in October 2019. She was glad to have done this as it kept her occupied during lockdown.

Unfortunately Sue’s stash did not extend to having enough fabric for the border. She is looking forward to being able to buy fabric and completeing the border soon.

Sue M 1

Hilary G

Hilary G 7

Machine embroidery, Roseberry Topping, those who’ve walked up here will remember the steep climb to the top!




A couple of cardigan’s knitted with wool bought before lockdown.


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