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EYELETS Update June 2020


Sorry not to have seen you all at Eyelets. The future of Eyelets is very much in the balance at the moment. I cannot see how we can continue in the same way if the restrictions continue into the Autumn, however I will not make any final decisions until the EYES committee have met and until we know what the new normal will be like.

Anyone interested in further information or to be added to the EYELETS database contact Hilary Goldsmith

Hilary G 6


Jack has designed and made this cushion with Subaru Applique himself. The Camouflage Spy Hideout is also his with help from his Granma. Well Done Jack perhaps we’ll see you on Sewing Bee next.

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IMG-20180602-WA0000IMG-20180602-WA0004IMG-20180602-WA0005IMG-20180602-WA0009IMG-20180602-WA0010There’ll be no crows in Cottingham now, after the EYELETS children made these scarecrows!! June 2018

title page 1IMG-20180401-WA0007_edited-3IMG-20180401-WA0007_edited-2IMG-20180401-WA0007_edited-1IMG-20180401-WA0007IMG-20180401-WA0006IMG-20180401-WA0005_edited-1IMG-20180401-WA0005IMG-20180401-WA0004IMG-20180401-WA0003IMG-20180401-WA0002IMG-20180401-WA0003 editedIMG-20180401-WA0001Button Pictures made by the members of EYELETS February 15th 2018


Woven fabric cushions, made in the November workshop.

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Recent work by the youngsters of Eyelets.

The self portraits , Fishing Game and Bunny Face bags are examples of 2017 work completed by the youngsters of Eyelets.