Members Work

Completed work from April’s Workshop; Layered Landscapes
Above and below May’s stage display.

Stage Display April 2018


Stage display March 2018

Stage display February 2018


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Jacky Ward-Lomax         Mola work

This is a type of work done by the Kuna Indians of Panama and is mostly reverse applique with a small amount of simple embroidery and minimal applique. I am from a northern climate so my images reflect that – ‘Norse Runes and Yggdrasil’ (the world tree) rather than images of jungle and South American mythology which is typical of their creations.

Jackys quilt 3

jackys quilt 2

‘reverse applique with simple embroidery’

workshop 2Phillipa Naylor Workshop

3rd February 2018

workshop 9

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Monthly display of members work

November 2017 Stage Display

This month’s display had many completed items from the October Day School.

In line with November’s speaker Susan Brett brought along two embroidered pieces, the Tray Cloth and The Tree of Life, completed by her Aunt, Ethel Taylor, before WWII . Dr Kay-Williams of the RSN said that the Tree of Life was , and still is, a common theme in crewel work.


Anne Dunnington nov 17Anne Pye nov 17Boy Quilt Nov 17bunting Nov 17Cat Quilt nov 17Dorothy Bell nov 17

Hilary Goldsmith nov 17

Hilary Goldsmith

Jill Steel Nov 17Maggie Tomlinson Nov 17Paula Bell nov 17Quilt nov 17Susan Brett detail 1

Susan Brett detail 3

Detail from Tree of Life 1

Susan Brett detail 4

Detail tree of Life 2

Susan Brett Detail 5

Detail tray cloth

Susan Brett detail2

Detail tree of life 3

Susan Brett tray cloth

Tray cloth

Susan Brett's Aunt Picture Nov 17

Tree of life

Susan Mower nov 17Val nov 17Wendy Barrett Nov 17





October 2017 Display

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