East Yorkshire Embroidery Society – May 2018
Minutes of the Meeting held on 14th April, 2018
Chair –HG
The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting and dealt with the usual housekeeping matters and H&S regulations. The minutes of the March meeting were signed – proposed by VB and seconded by MS. The Chairman proposed that, because of the new GDPR regulations and also the cost of printing, the monthly meeting minutes would be posted on our website and would be available for members to read a week before the next meeting. Names would be omitted, and initials and/or committee roles used instead. A small number of paper copies would be available each meeting – for those members without access to a computer – and one would be posted on the noticeboard. The Chairman also asked members to speak to committee members on any issues they would like discussing at the next committee meeting on 9th May. She also asked members to consider joining the committee at the AGM in July. There would be a number of vacancies and the Society will run more smoothly and effectively if those vacancies are filled. The Chairman also gave out notices of some forthcoming exhibitions, including Grasby Embroiderers’ exhibition entitled “Architecture” at Lincoln Central Library from 16th – 21st April.
Various committee members then gave short reports. Our Outings Organiser asked us to put 24th November into our diaries, this being the date of the Knitting & Stitching Show in Harrogate. SM thanked all the Dabble Day tutors for making the day such an enjoyable and rewarding one for everyone. The workshop on 15th April, which will be led by this month’s speaker, will be the last one for the season. CA asked those going on the Residential Weekend to make their final payments today if possible and also to tell her of any specific dietary requirements. Our Librarian said that there were a number of new books in the Library and also that leaflets on Wool Appliqué were available for those who had participated in the workshop on Dabble Day. The Sales Table team informed us that there was nothing costing more than £1 on sale today and also that there was a box of free bits and pieces. SB thanked those who had contributed items for today’s display and also reminded everyone of the forthcoming Cottingham Library display which would promote the wonderful skills of our members. Items for this mini-exhibition can be brought to the July meeting and will be returned at the September meeting. JG informed members that she was now selling packs of sewing machine needles and also “bottom line” thread. Both items had been recommended to the Society by Philippa Naylor.
One of our members, AP, gave out some information about a group project idea that she had had which could go on display at our Exhibition next year. This would take the form of a “Slice Quilt”, rather in the manner of a David Hockney painting, which would use a variety of different stitching techniques. She asked anyone interested to see her during the tea break when she could show some examples. HG informed us that there had been about 24 children at the last Eyelets meeting who had thoroughly enjoyed making sock dolls. She was delighted at the degree of creativity that the children had shown – obviously a much enjoyed meeting. The next meeting will take place during the May half term holiday and will be the last of the season. The Secretary gave out several notices including one from the “Raw Edgers” group concerning their Patchwork and Stitching Exhibition in St. John’s Church, Goole from 5th – 7th May. There will be a preview evening on 4th May opened by Stuart Hillard, who will be showing some of his quilts. MW also informed members that there will be a Fashion Show on 28th June at Cottingham Parks Golf Club in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support. Tickets are available from the Website Manager.
There were five visitors at the meeting today.
Next month’s speaker will Lindsay Roberts who calls herself “The Border Tart”. She is an indigo dyer and textile artist and will give a talk entitled “Tart’s Textile Travels”.
The Chairman then introduced this month’s speaker, Catherine Lawes, who gave a fascinating and beautifully illustrated talk entitled “From Here to There and Back Again”, which described her development as a textile artist in both the UK and New Zealand.
The Vote of Thanks was given by NB.
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