Re Use, Recycle January 11th 2020

Having been set a challenge by our Chair  EYES members never disappoint. A large and varied display of handiwork of items made from fabrics purchased from our sales table.  

January 2020

Speaker   Sue Stone Sue reflects on her background as the daughter of a Grimsby fish merchant in a town where fish was king as she was growing up. Using archive photographs Sue has created works which show the ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’ of her home town. Well dressed children holding large fleshy fish alongside…

February 8th 2020 Philippa Naylor

A backbone, a wishbone and a funny bone. These are three attributes that Philippa suggests anyone setting out to take up quilting need to develop. Philippa’s enthusiasm and knowledge about all things textile is contagious. In her talk she will enthuse us all with tales of her own textile ‘journey’. Philippa has become one of…

December 2019 Speaker

Heather Audin Curator of York Quilt Museum The  1718 coverlet. What links the 1718 patchwork Silk Coverelet, owned by the Quilters Guild, to events of 12th December 2019? The answer lies in the process of investigation into the quilt’s construction. Using modern forensic techniques the  Quilters Guild have uncovered ( sorry!) some of the quilt’s…

Angaharad Thomas

Hand in Glove “handle with kid gloves”  “the gloves are off” “an iron hand in a velvet glove” “to throw down the gauntlet” These are some of the many idioms in daily use demonstrating the place of gloves in our past and present. Angharad has travelled the globe researching patterns and designs for knitted gloves….

November 2019 Stage Display

As ever a broad range of textile work. Christmas is in full swing for EYES members. Hidden away you will spot a New York Beauty, another cat basket and a knitted donkey. Watch out for December’s full blown Christmas display.

14 December 2019 – Heather Audin

The 1718 Silk Patchwork Coverlet Heather is the Curator of Quilters Guild Collection which contains over 800 objects relating to the history and development of Patchwork, Quilting and Applique in Britain. Heather will entertain us with slides exploring the 300 year old history of the 1718 Silk Patchwork Coverlet.