Members work June 2018

Here are a couple of examples of the many quilts which were displayed and talked about by our speaker, Greta Fitchett her imagination using reflections in  glass buildings around the world, with the ability to put that imagination into her sewing was a delight to see and more latterly her husbands artistic skills in creating designs and selecting materials for Greta to convert into quilts was very interesting.  We were certainly entertained by her talk.

Some examples of work brought to the June meeting. There was an incredible variety of work this month showing the skills of our members from small dolls outfits knit on size 19 needles using crochet cotton,  a large doll knit in 4 ply wool and a selection of projects emphasising the incredible variety of needlework.  Also a sample of the scarecrows that were made by our young Eyelets.








July 14th 2018 – Jenny O’Leary

Jenny O’Leary Batik – tissue, bleach and ink – my inspiration

Jenny O’Leary is a textile artist and tutor whose particular speciality is Batik, especially

on tissue paper, machine embroidery, Nuno felting, reverse applique and shibori on silk.

Jenny experiments with new ideas and possibilities enjoying combining techniques and

materials in unusual ways.


June 9th 2018 – Greta Fitchett

A member of the East Midlands based Living Threads Group, the Quilters’ Guild, and the Embroiderers’ Guild.  Greta works as a textile artist, and creates both embroideries and quilts, drawing inspiration from a number of sources . She has been teaching in Adult Education for about 20 years, also giving special one day classes and talks about her work throughout Britain.


Saturday May 12th Lindsay Roberts

Tarts, Textiles and Travels

On her website Lindsay describes herself as ‘The Border Tart’ This does NOT refer to some dubious pursuits but to the fact that she studied textile design in the Scottish Borders.

Scotland and it’s borders are synonymous with wool and all it’s aspects of dyeing, spinning and weaving. Indigo dyeing is synonymous with India, Lindsay brings the two cultures together in her work.

She is now developing these techniques with other natural fibres, from Yak (wool?) to Silk!

Find out about her individual journey at our meeting in May.

Darby and Joan Hall, Finkle Street Cottingham

Saturday May 12th  2:30pm to 4:00pm (Doors open 2:15pm)


Tea/Coffee and Biscuits included.  £1:50 members  £2:50 visitors

Image result for THe Border Tart Yarn


Dabble Day 24th March

Dabble Day Saturday 24th March

This was a day of fun where some of the members generous with their knowledge and willing to pass their skills on to other people in the society gave their time and efforts to others.   We had four skills being demonstrated:




Walnut Purses


Examples Walnut Purses



Decorative Initials


Work so far Walnut Purses


Pictures ongoing



Smocking Machine


Smocking by hand, but we were also introduced to the wonders of a smocking machine which was definitely something to see at work.


The decoration of initials which was far more time consuming than was expected, but let your imagination run wild producing some very different results but for something that can be used in all sorts of decorative and useful ways

Walnut purses, this was very intricate with some spectacular results from everyone concerned.

Pictures in fabric – another area where the imagination was significant and something that can be used in all things, pictures for wall hangings, book covers.

All in all this was a fun day enjoyed by all of those who attended and definitely something that has opened up our minds as to what else we can do.

Many thanks to all of those who made this day successful for the organisation the skill sharing and also tea/coffee and biscuits.




April 14th 2018 Meeting

clawesCatherine Lawes
From here to There and Back Again
Journey in textiles from UK to New Zealand

Catherine is a textile artist originally from New Zealand
I am a painter with fabric and thread. I design and create unique pieces of Art which can hang on your wall or grace your bed. I am inspired by everything around me from patterns in nature to paintings by others or just by the print or colour of a piece of fabric. Playing is the best way to describe my process.

Darby and Joan Hall, Finkle Street, Cottingham.

Saturday 14th April 2:30pm to 4:00pm  (Doors open 2:15pm)

Members £1:50      Visitors £2:50

Tea/Coffee biscuits included.



Vivienne Brown

We use them to say ‘sorry’, ‘thank you’, ‘I love you’ and ‘I will remember you’ , as children we took them for granted, making daisy chains on a summers day, handing the bedraggled mess to teacher or parent as a gift.

Vivienne Brown helped us to really look at flowers  from another perspective.

Her fascinating talk about our relationship with flowers started with a flower burial from 30,000 years ago. Many of the dried plants were still recognisable to us today, common hedgerow flowers.

Vivienne talked about flowers in embroidery as relaying a message to the observer, the meanings would have been understood before books were readily available. Elizabeth 1st used embroidered flowers to show authority and power. Mary Queen of Scots passed secret messages to political sympathisers via the Marigold Octagon.

Finally she spoke about the masses of flowers laid for Princess Diana by the general public in 1997, bringing us right up to date talking about the poppies used in the recent World War 1 memorial displays and art work.

Vivienne’s personal fascination with flowers developed into her taking a botanical art course and using flowers as a springboard for a variety of wonderful embroidery.

The pictures below show some of her work shown by Vivienne at our meeting in February.

Vivienne is a contributing artist at the Bankfield Museum, Halifax, in June.


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