Charity Workshop 2020

Linus quilts, twiddle blankets, dammit dolls, cat baskets.¬† All for charity. Look out for the UFOs in coming weeks.  

Re Use, Recycle January 11th 2020

Having been set a challenge by our Chair¬† EYES members never disappoint. A large and varied display of handiwork of items made from fabrics purchased from our sales table.  

November 2019 Stage Display

As ever a broad range of textile work. Christmas is in full swing for EYES members. Hidden away you will spot a New York Beauty, another cat basket and a knitted donkey. Watch out for December’s full blown Christmas display.

September 2019 Stage Display

EYES members have been very busy over the August break. A wide variety of textile work demonstrates this. Christmas items have made their way onto the stage too. Above; Jaqui Ward-Lomax An experiment using acrylics and masking tape and dyeing. The embroidery was added to define the patterns created. Shield awarded at the Northern Quilt…

May 2019 Stage Display

Another smaller than usual display as members are fully committed to our Minster Exhibition. Nonetheless a wonderful variety of work and talent displayed. Someone is even looking ahead to Christmas ! Check out the Father Christmas figure with its intricate embroidery.

Beverley Minster Exhibition Slice Quilt

  Below Our Signature Exhibit, a tribute to Anne Pye who had the idea to gather a group together to sew this quilt. Unfortunately she herself was unable to see the project finalised. The group she had formed decided to see her dream fulfilled .