Sarah Impey March 2012: Writing with a needle

Sarah’s first foray into textile work was foundation piecing a patchwork of hexagons from scraps of 1970s fabrics of her mother’s. In fact it was her mother who then backed this piece after it had been ‘finished’.

Sarah then told us of her work as a political journalist reporting on Parliament, this work meant her leisure time was in the morning. Determined to make the best of her free time Sarah returned to her teenage interest in patchwork and eventually quilting.

Over time her art and techniques developed and Sarah now combines both interests creating quilts with writing as an integral part. The art of making the quilt and the words almost philosophical; links to past quilters, a circular quilt describing a feeling of going around in circles linking problems associated with old age and Alzheimer’s.

Beautiful looking quilts with thought provoking text, thank you Sarah.

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