Heather Audin December 2019: The 1718 coverlet

What links the 1718 patchwork Silk Coverelet, owned by the Quilters Guild, to events of 12th December 2019?

See the source image

The answer lies in the process of investigation into the quilt’s construction. Using modern forensic techniques the  Quilters Guild have uncovered ( sorry!) some of the quilt’s secrets.

Within the intricate quilted blocks lie the original papers used to piece the quilt. These ranged from scraps to pages of religious text and a political poster. The poster advertised a meeting to discuss……Scottish Independence.

Heather gave us an in depth and fascinating talk about the importance of this quilt to the history of quilt making in England. We learned of the difficulty in constructing the quilt with it’s complicated curves. The fabric and the stitching have all been analysed to a high degree. Heather’s talk also gave us an insight into early 18th century society as the Quilters Guild and their researchers worked to discover the provenance of the quilt.

A wonderful interesting journey by way of an everyday object.

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