Philippa Naylor February 2020: A wishbone a backbone and a funny bone

We were given a wonderfully  entertaining insight into her life and the interests which influence her textile work.

The wishbone was perhaps her childhood wish to live in the area of Beverley that she now calls home. Philippa, originally from Hornsea, admitted that after some time in Saudi Arabia she finally felt ‘Yorkshire’ again. Perhaps this ‘Yorkshireness’  provided the backbone in the form of Yorkshire Grit which she must possess enabling her to create her highly detailed unique quilts.

This grit must also come into play when, due to her own overenthusiasm her first minature quilt was disqualified, by competition judges, for being too large. She had use 12” instead of 30 cm as the overall measurement. Losing out on a major monetary prize must have taken some grit to swallow.

Philippa’s funny bone came across in the warm and humorous presentation she gave.  We look forward to hearing further stories of her quilting life.

the back should always look as good as the front!
The front of the above quilt.


Philippa’s free motion embroidery embellishes her quilts.
Decorated pockets.
IMG_2438 copy 2
minature quilt 30cm sq.
Another 30cm quilt.

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