Week 3 All Praised by our Queen. Members work completed.

April 9th

Val W has been online baking with her granddaughter.

A lunch break and then scones.


Latest Exhibition Casualty

The Festival of Quilts NEC Birmingham 2020 Birmingham 2020

Postponed to August 2021.

April 7th EYES Members keeping busy.

Val W has finished her big project.IMG-20200407-WA0007

Carol, her rabbits are now very fashionably dressed. A UFO project now completed.

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Maureen has completed a quilt cover and pillowcase set. She has also knitted a giraffe bookmark.


Textileartist Community Challenge Week 1

Many of us are facing the challenge of being distanced from our grandchildren and wanting to help keep them occupied at this difficult time. This is my effort to enthuse  my granddaughters.IMG-20200403-WA0007Above  my response to textile artist.org community challenge week 1.

Whilst stitching this project my mind wandered, my project reflects these wanderings.

The first square began simply as an exercise in straight stitch but the colours and pattern reminded me of the sunsets I can see from my conservatory. Thus this square developed into the view beyond my window.

Beyond my window and into my garden and daffodils. To me Easter  and daffodils are synonymous. I was taken back to last year when we were able to take a trip out to Farndale.

The penguin is a Gentu penguin. In February/March of this year I was lucky (it turns out, more about that later) to have cruise with my husband and four friends around South America. Tales of Magellan, Tierra del Fuego and Patagonia had sparked my imagination since childhood. On the cruise we visited the Falkland Islands and took a trip to Bluff Cove. Here we saw hundreds of Gentu penguins undergoing their annual moult. The ranger told us that the old feathers are no longer waterproof and so new ones are grown. The adult penguins have to wait this time out sitting on the bare bluff for around 3 months.                   Ring any bells ?   Penguin

I am very fortunate to have a wide vista from my back garden and often spend time watching birds flying over the field behind.  I was watching two buzzards last week when it was windy. They seemed to be having a great time soaring in the updrafts and diving down somersaulting on their way. I could almost feel their freedom and enjoyed this with them. Again I was taken to my cruise and the seabirds I saw out on the open Atlantic and Pacific gliding across the tops of the waves.

I have enjoyed the challenge and whilst Granddaughter number 1 , age 15  did not complete challenge 1 she has asked for fabrics for challenge number 2.

Below is the piece completed by Granddaughter number 2

Bridget wk1

I thank the Post Office and postal workers for enabling me to send the required materials through the post. I can just squeeze enough in a 1st class letter size!


Footnote and Why my cruise turned out lucky.

On 5th of March 2020 I, my husband and four friends debarked the Coral Princess in San Antonio Chile having had a wonderful 14 day cruise. Covid 19 was a constant phantom but hygiene on the ship was paramount with constant reminders of hand washing and coughing in our sleeves.

We flew home to what we knew was a worsening global situation.

The Coral Princess left Chile for the return cruise due to arrive in Buenos Aires on the 19th of March. Unfortunately the pandemic had changed the world and as they left the Falklands the cruise was unable to call at the last two ports of call before Buenos Aires. Further attempts to berth and unload passengers were thwarted as South America also had to close down to visitors.

The ship had to make the decision to return to the USA , finally arriving in Miami on Friday 3rd April where unfortunately by this time passengers had become ill with Covid 19. Around 200 British were on the ship and are being repatriated as their health and available flights dictate.

I am sure we are all glad to hear that friends and family will be coming home and we must thank the Captain and every member of the crew who navigated this ship back safely.

Week 3 of  textileartist.org         Community stitch Challenge

Emma Tull




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