UFOs and More

Evlelyn’s Herb Cushion Started at a Gail Lawther residential Cober Hill

Evelyn says this cushion is from 2016 started at an EYES residential Cober Hill. ” I did not realise how much hand embroidery I was planning to use.”

Hilary recalls the 70s with her Cloth Kit Dolls

Two projects one reflecting the present and another from the 70s and 80s. Hilary has continued to nurture her Sunflower now it is full height, unfortunately that pesky caterpillar has hatched and is VERY HUNGRY. Hilary started this ‘plant’ at the beginning of lockdown as an added interest for passing children in the times when we were all restricted to one hours exercise per day.

The second project is for a new grandchild with an eye to the days of her own children with Cloth Kit preprinted fabric Kits.

Another UFO, Is it the process or the finished piece?

Musings from a lockdown brain. Being retired for some years I am used to organising my own time, suddenly with lockdown I have developed retiree attention deficit syndrome! The piece above is developing as part of trying to recover my mojo. I bought the silk headscarf at the same show I purchased the fusible thread with the aim , but no plan, to create a small quilt. I enjoy free motion embroidery and find it is one way I can lose myself in a project. so this was to be part of the quilt. In my stash I found a piece of experimental Batik created by my son, just the right size. A rough sketch of some dahlia leaves from plants growing in a pot on my patio provided a template which I scanned and printed 3 times onto Foundation Papers also bought at Harrogate last year. What to do next and when will it be finished………attach lockdown brain and wait for inspiration.

A word about Covid 19 and EYES

We live in strange times and can only react as each day changes. Your EYES Chair and Committee are planning in for the future in the midst of the uncertain times, thank you for your patience, keep stitching and WATCH THIS SPACE.

Margaret W has completed this cot quilt for a new baby, Margaret hopes the colours suit whether the baby is a girl or boy.

Val B

The Sewing holdall is something I’ve been intending to do for ages and after a lot of internet searching and waiting for deliveries I finally had all the necessary components to complete it.

It taxed my lockdown brain but I eventually mastered it and was quite pleased with the result. I used fabric I bought on a holiday 2 years ago in Newfoundland so it is a lovely reminder of that.

The twig was in response to one of the textileartists.org challenges when, at the beginning of lockdown I felt the need to keep busy. That feeling has receded with time!!

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