Liz Almond October 2020: From Canterbury, through Africa, Europe and Asia via Zoom

Blackwork with Liz Arnold

Saturday 10th October and around a dozen EYES members joined Liz for our first ever ZOOM meeting. In fact our first EYES meeting since lockdown in March 2020.

For myself taking part was a new experience I have watched many ‘webinairs’ on Covid during the past months and so felt confident with the actual process of joining the meeting. For this to work we would be at the mercy of good and reliable Internet and I think perhaps a few were nervous about the logisitics of joining in. We had the very capable Sarah S. guiding us through and helping the meeting to run smoothly, a minor hiccup as Liz’s technology wouldn’t behave did not detract from a very enjoyable and informative talk from her.

Liz talked of her personal experiences of the wonderful and intricate Islamic art which embellishes the Mosques she has visited in Saudi Arabia and India. Taking the floral designs and symmetry of the decorations Liz designs individual pieces of Blackwork Embroidery. She divides the type of decoration into three different groupings, Calligraphy, Geometry and Arabesque, the calligraphy being the writings and sacred scripts. Liz uses the combination of the Geometric and Arabesque as the basis for her work.

Liz talked more generally about Blackwork and it’s place in English history telling us that ‘The Wife of Bath’ in Chaucer’s Canterbury tales had a Blackwork collar, whilst in paintings by Holbein Elizabeth 1 can be seen wearing clothing embellished with Blackwork.

A thoroughly enjoyable and interesting talk from Liz, to see more of her work and a direct link to her Blackwork click on the link attached to her name at the top of this blog.

In the likely event that we will be unable to meet at our usual venue for some time we look forward to further ZOOM meetings to bring EYES back to it’s members.

2 thoughts on “Liz Almond October 2020: From Canterbury, through Africa, Europe and Asia via Zoom

  1. A very interesting talk well worth listening to. I hope EYES will use zoom for further talks during these troubling times. I would certainly recommend it, Maureen

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