Anne Brooke January 2021: For the Love of Stitch

Chairman Val began the meeting by welcoming everyone but pointed out how difficult it was to gauge everyone’s reaction so she would love to have feedback and ideas for how to start the meetings. She then asked Elizabeth and Deborah to share some of their thoughts on how to cope with the next few months. Deborah has really embraced colour during lockdown as a way of keeping up her spirits so watch out for pictures of her activities on the website. To quote her “Grey is out, colour is in”. Elizabeth reminded us of the importance of keeping up our standards and dressing up even for zoom calls and she gave us a lovely foretaste of what was to come by sharing projects she had done on Anne’s workshops in the past.

Anne then began her talk with a reminder that she had spoken to us a few years back and she was clearly impressed with the sales table. We will all be plundering that again as soon as we can! She gave a brief resume of how she started her journey, not in textiles but in art and her love of workshops and experimenting with all things new. Sound familiar? But gradually she started incorporating stitching into her collage work and eventually moved into using fabric. Harold the hare was a highlight with layered fabrics and stitching. She stressed the importance of not always having a plan but allowing the piece to grow naturally. This can be risky, but she insisted it is worth playing and giving yourself freedom to experiment. As a lover of all things Poppy I was fascinated by her 3D poppy head but as she pointed out this was a PHD piece (no not a higher level degree but her name for UFOs -Projects Half Done).

Since her last talk to us she has set herself the challenge of learning new stitching techniques. Not necessarily as a finished product but as a sample to be enjoyed in its own right. This is something many of us find challenging, needing to find a purpose for doing something but maybe lockdown has taught us the importance of doing things just for the fun of it and her strips of fabric on bobbins and miniature books certainly gave plenty of opportunity to experiment and explore stitching.

Anne is left-handed and pointed out that it is often difficult to find demonstrations for left- handed people so she feels she is filling a gap in the market with her videos on You tube. In ‘Sewing for the Soul’ and ‘The love of Stich’ she uses scraps of found fabrics as well as hand dyed fabrics and threads to create exquisite little pieces often incorporating buttons, Suffolk puffs, vintage lace and many stitches you may have forgotten you knew. Her website is full of examples and her You Tube videos are extremely easy to access from there and provide small weekly projects.(Just google Anne Brooke Textile artist) She demonstrates fabric books, a book in a tin, tags and circles of friendship all created using stitch.

Anne spoke of being part of a community of people out there who are stitching and enjoying it and I think we can all relate to that. By the end of the talk I certainly agreed with one of her quotes;“My soul has been fed with needle and thread.”

Links to Anne Brooke’s website below.

Anne Brooke’s website

Anne’s website has links to her You Tube #Sew the Soul and other projects plus the opportunity to join a Zoom workshop coming up soon.

Members’ Work

Susan B

I attach a picture entitled ‘July’.

It is one of a monthly series.

On the border I have used the names for July in the various languages of the UK and a Roman quote about sailing on the ocean. The main part uses Roman mosaics of sea creatures, with a nod to Asissi work, and the bright colours of modern Mediterranean mosaics to depict the mystery of the deep ocean, which is still a great unknown.

It is very simple. It is cross stitch, English star, and back stitch.

Deb D

Val W opened our January Zoom meeting with a discussion about her love of Colour. Deborah D showed these two colourful pieces hand embroidered with spiritual wording.


Diana’s sister has embroidered these napkins ready for a 70th birthday celebration. Everyone is hoping they will be able to meet in person for this important date.

Maggie T ‘You did say you wanted colour’

You did say you wanted colour!  This is my version of the Harry Styles jacket (with a lot of alterations)

Next Zoom meeting Saturday February13th.

Alison Larkin : Serendipity

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