Dabble Day 24th March

Dabble Day Saturday 24th March

This was a day of fun where some of the members generous with their knowledge and willing to pass their skills on to other people in the society gave their time and efforts to others.   We had four skills being demonstrated:

Walnut Purses
Examples Walnut Purses


Decorative Initials
Work so far Walnut Purses
Pictures ongoing


Smocking Machine


Smocking by hand, but we were also introduced to the wonders of a smocking machine which was definitely something to see at work.


The decoration of initials which was far more time consuming than was expected, but let your imagination run wild producing some very different results but for something that can be used in all sorts of decorative and useful ways

Walnut purses, this was very intricate with some spectacular results from everyone concerned.

Pictures in fabric – another area where the imagination was significant and something that can be used in all things, pictures for wall hangings, book covers.

All in all this was a fun day enjoyed by all of those who attended and definitely something that has opened up our minds as to what else we can do.

Many thanks to all of those who made this day successful for the organisation the skill sharing and also tea/coffee and biscuits.




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