Members work June 2018

Here are a couple of examples of the many quilts which were displayed and talked about by our speaker, Greta Fitchett her imagination using reflections in  glass buildings around the world, with the ability to put that imagination into her sewing was a delight to see and more latterly her husbands artistic skills in creating designs and selecting materials for Greta to convert into quilts was very interesting.  We were certainly entertained by her talk.

Some examples of work brought to the June meeting. There was an incredible variety of work this month showing the skills of our members from small dolls outfits knit on size 19 needles using crochet cotton,  a large doll knit in 4 ply wool and a selection of projects emphasising the incredible variety of needlework.  Also a sample of the scarecrows that were made by our young Eyelets.








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