IMG-20180602-WA0000IMG-20180602-WA0004IMG-20180602-WA0005IMG-20180602-WA0009IMG-20180602-WA0010There’ll be no crows in Cottingham now, after the EYELETS children made these scarecrows!! June 2018

title page 1IMG-20180401-WA0007_edited-3IMG-20180401-WA0007_edited-2IMG-20180401-WA0007_edited-1IMG-20180401-WA0007IMG-20180401-WA0006IMG-20180401-WA0005_edited-1IMG-20180401-WA0005IMG-20180401-WA0004IMG-20180401-WA0003IMG-20180401-WA0002IMG-20180401-WA0003 editedIMG-20180401-WA0001Button Pictures made by the members of EYELETS February 15th 2018


Woven fabric cushions, made in the November workshop.

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Recent work by the youngsters of Eyelets.

The self portraits , Fishing Game and Bunny Face bags are examples of 2017 work completed by the youngsters of Eyelets.


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