Harrogate Knitting Stitching 2018

A coach full of excited members set out on a cold November, morning, full of anticipation for the day ahead, pockets jangling, purses bulging and empty shopping bags. (Except for the obligatory flapjack, banana and flasks to keep the energy levels up and or course the packed lunches).

The day was very successful, upon arrival the members dispersed into the crowds to view the exhibits which were very interesting and varied but also to visit the many stalls.  Whilst walking around you would catch a glimpse of other members in the crowds but no time to talk at length but point them in the right direction if you have found something that is interesting for them to see.

At the end of the day the coach was filled with a group of tired ladies, all  discussing their purchases and wondering why they did not see the wonderful bargain or piece of  beautiful fabric that someone else had managed to bag. Purchase envy as always but there is so much to see it takes more time than we have to get round it all and things are easily missed.

Yet another successful outing with the Society with many thanks to the Organisers for their hard work and we look forward to our next adventure.

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