Fi Oberon September 2019: Needle felted animals

Fi Oberon

Our first meeting of the new year and we were treated to a menagerie of needle felted animals created by Fi Oberon.

Fi described how she set her animals in small scenes as part of creating her book on needle felting. She then went on to explain the process of needle felting and the creating of her beautifully detailed creatures highlighting techniques, processes and materials in such a way that even beginners could ‘have a go’.

All artists find that their work leads them in many directions, Fi is passionate about her environment and so uses natural dyeing in her work.

This passion for the environment has led her into a new idea to highlight the effect of global warming ‘Data Wrapped Trees’. Creating an embroidery , of a tree with coloured bands, each band representing data on the effects Carbon Dioxide Emissions on the environment.

Fi wishes to carry this message to Downing Street, anyone interested in hearing her ideas and helping in this campaign can contact her direct.

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