Sunday July 26th Masks and More

Hi. I hope you are all well and sewing.

I finally finished my Kantha stitch bobbin roll and I am pleased how it has turned out. 

It was a challenge how to join the squares to make a length to roll round the bobbin. I managed using 3 very large press studs which I found among my stash!

This is a bobbin from a woolen mill and a great way to enjoy the bobbin and the sewing.

I enjoy the slow stitching. I find it relaxing and, for once, not having to be too precise with my stitching. Elizabeth PB.

Elizabeth also added the photos below of badges which will be used when EYES once more returns under the ‘new normal’. Hopefully in the not too distant future.

The badges were created and stitched by Elizabeth’s able assistant Sam.

Quarantine returns for some and Masks required.

As from Friday 24th July masks were mandated, in England , to be worn in indoor settings, particularly shops.

Masks are part of the whole spectrum of measures we can all take to help stop the spread of Covid 19. WHO have issued guidelines as to the fabrics and style of the best fabric face masks and I have had a go at making some under these guidelines.

3 layer fabric mask as recommended by WHO

The pattern I have found most useful is the Jesse Killion PDF design . These are multi sized masks patterns, one can print off the individual pattern that corresponds to ones own facial measurements.

The method of construction and further details can be found on The Fabric Patch You Tube site.

Personally I found ear loops pinged off at the most inconvenient moment,( friends tell me of lost hearing aids during this process! ) and ties around the back of my head would be too difficult for me to work . I have therefore stitched two bands of elastic on the back enabling me to put on and take off the mask with minimum touching of my face or mask.

We have seen the pictures of discarded disposable masks let’s make these reusable, washable masks.

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