EYES meet over the Internet

EYES Thoughts Sheila F.

November 14th, second Saturday in the month, it must be EYES this afternoon. But we’re in lockdown again, we need to stay at home as much as possible. So thank you Val W and Sarah S, for there was an EYES meeting after all. I’m lucky, I have access to a laptop or an iPad, and the Zoom app is free. Sarah had emailed us beforehand giving us an ID and a passcode. I was worried but actually it was straightforward. I was quite early logging in so saw Sarah invite many familiar faces – forty-five in fact including Margaret Booker from Norfolk. Eventually my laptop settled on four faces and mine across the top of the screen leaving room for the main speaker. We were all muted by Sarah ( a seemingly easy task! ) and then Val welcomed us to EYES via Zoom.

Jayne G spoke first and gave us a talk on making Christmas cards, actually one design but many variations. What a difference a bit of calico makes or a different colour or pattern. It looked great upside down too. Actually, at it’s simplest level I could make a card with my 5 year old grand-daughter then maybe move on myself to something grander one day – or maybe not! Jayne will know when she gets her Christmas card from me this year. A simple but necessary tip from Jayne – photograph your completed work then you have the pattern for next year. Thank- you Jayne.

Annette spoke next and tried to answer the question “What did you do during Covid Grandma”? and added David Hockney’s A Bigger Splash as a subtitle. She was away on a cruise when it all began so came back with Christ the Redeemer, black-necked swans, South American mountains and the sea in her head ready for a quilt. She had taken two lovely hand-made bags with her so it was good to see those unpacked. Her next job was more urgent but not quite so lovely – like many of us Annette set to work making face masks for family and friends and then scrubs for use in hospital. ( I think she’s still looking for Giant Bradley to model the prototype. ) Then there were a few things to finish off: some embroidery, a kit bought in Harrogate and then the quilt, a wonderful reminder of her cruise. Thank-you Annette.

Val W was next with her Cheeky Robin. Seemingly easy to make from three squares of felt and help from grandchildren, this robin could be made more elaborate by adding legs before stuffing or even a flap/tail to make it a mobile phone/tablet stand. Again a different colour and a comb and we had an Easter chick.           Thank -you Val.

Val’s cheeky Robin from Gail Lawther book of bird’s .
Chicken phone stand from Debbie Shore You Tube video

Sarah Perkins concluded our talks by giving us a good use for that jelly roll we’ve all got somewhere.

Sarah moved in to her windmill home only to find floor to ceiling pipes in the sitting room. Box them in, was the obvious answer, but how? She started by hanging a long length of white muslin-type fabric over the pipes. Then Sarah started some pulled thread work and some embroidery stiches but she was hardly making much impact on such a length of fabric. Then followed a stump work windmill, beautifully embroidered sails, a wall, flowers and a hint of the sea in the background, but still only a third of the hanging was embellished. A history lesson and a timeline followed and the bottom third of the hanging was complete. Then the jelly roll was remembered – beautiful colours and a picture in itself as it cascaded from mill to timeline. Finally a very handsome  stump work millerwas added. Apparently it took Sarah nearly four years to complete her masterpiece but most of that was thinking time – we all know that feeling.                                                    Thank- you Sarah.

So, there you have it – my recollections and views on the EYES meeting of November 14th. I think you’ll more from the photographs that the contributors will be putting on the website but I urge you to join us next time on December 12th. It is fun and you never know what you might learn.

As Sheila said, December; Jenny Rayment, January Ann Brooks , February Handmade, Alison Larkin, March Angie Hughes. Details to follow.

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