Hearts, Luggage Tabs, Flying Geese and New Arrivals

Ruth : My January sewing finished project. I made 120 flying geese 0.5″x0.75″. The finished square is 14″

Hearts : Jeanne,Sue and Helen

Luggage Tabs and Rolls undertaken following January Zoom meeting.

Elizabeth talks about her ideas and inspiration:

I have been busy making Suffolk puffs the last few days. It’s making me want to make 2 sets of tags as I can’t always decide what colour scheme to use. I have made last weeks button tag but now want to make a Suffolk puff one.

I have used this style a few years ago. I bought a book on Kantha stitch 5 years ago at Knitting and Stitching and made a sweet picture of poppy and seed heads. I was then hooked on the plain stitching method with a hand stitched quilt in mind. (In my dreams for now!)

I then found on Pinterest Jude Hill – Spirit Cloth and was amazed at her work. I think it imprinted on my mind and with my love of Angie Lewin, then, Anne Brookes starting her vintage courses, here I am finding my own style.

Val has described the stitching she used each week of the challenge to date; week1 is white, week 2 hearts,week 3 fabric strips, week 4 flystitch,week 5 fabricstrips,week 6 buttons.

For those who may have been inspired by the above project this is an ongoing exercise on YouTube. Details and link on January EYES post.

Hilary G welcomes a new grandchild.

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