Christmas 2020

Joyce D.

Hello, a picture of two goldwork projects just finished. They are the initials of my daughter and son. Hoped to get them framed before Christmas but do not think that is going to happen! The C is couched gold jap with silk embroidery thread for flower, leaves and tendrils. Padded leather for the butterfly outlined in a cord. The R is laid cord and small bugle beads.

Lesley R

Here are some of the Christmas cards I have been making.

Happy Christmas everyone

Susan B This Advent Calendar was a kit from Emma’s.

Lyn L

I’m attaching pics of what I’ve been making most recently, although not so much for Christmas itself. Decorations like the cats and dogs attached are but mostly I’ve been making little bears, dogs and cat cuddlies to donate to Womens’ refuges.Merry Christmas

Jackie P

Here are the ornaments I have made for Christmas. The pictures are the front and the patterns, the back


I made these decorations for grandchildren as we usually do decorations together but obviously couldn’t this year. They all have 2020 on the back so they will remember in years to come.

Crocheted Christmas wreath completed in 2019.

Jeanne C ‘A few things made in Lockdown’

Judy’s Christmas makes.

Hilary G Quilted cards and Bunting.

Dorothy has completed this quilt.

Pat C A Mantle Hanger from a pattern by the late Pauline Ineson, and then four beaded Christmas Baubles from Spellbound Beads books. 

Val B

As requested photos of my Christmas Quilt completed recently and the Christmas cards inspired by Jayne’s demonstration last month.

Pat J Lockdown firescreen and embroidered table cloth.

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  1. Thank you Maureen, it’s always good to get positive feedback. Lovely to see all the members’ excellent skills.

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